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Manufacturing | Celtic Oriental

Delivering Quality, Value & Sustainability

Quality for us encompasses all aspects of operation, raw materials and finished products’ longevity. Working in a purpose designed facility to a premium standard of high care, we deliver quality standards that address the expectations of the largely blue-chip clients we serve.

We work to FSA stipulations and BRC standards as well as accommodate all reasonable requirements. We may occasionally do things our own way where we are confident that our decisions would safeguard product quality and safety. All the same, we aim to please all our clients.

Natural Fermentation

We fervently believe in following natural routes to production such as enzymatic fermentations as opposed to acid hydrolyses. Similarly, we would choose natural means of product stabilisation instead of artificial preservation. Where necessary, we always prefer to work with our clients in order to coordinate production and delivery to take advantage of low temperature storage facilities and eliminate preservative use.

We are proud of our natural traditional fermentation processes which govern our entire production. These employ documented age-old biological steps dating back to more than two millennia. By applying practical modern scientific principles to these traditional steps, we are able to enhance product yield, quality and safety. We have consequently successfully managed the control of aflatoxins and carcinogens such as MCPD’s and DCP’s, to the current European standard of legislation.