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Providing naturally fermented products to food processing companies



Celtic Oriental Ltd is a primary level ingredient processor for the food industry.


We are principally a natural fermentation company transforming quality raw ingredients such as non genetically modified, identity-preserved, soya beans into clean-label fermented soy sauces, miso pastes and black bean pellets using purely natural biological means.


We ferment both Soya and Non-Soya Black Beans and produce non allergenic alternatives of Worcester Sauce and other popular sauces.

Our business is to provide premium quality ingredients at a standard that best serves the needs of Western European food factories and guarding your company’s reputation.

As a primary level ingredient processor for the food industry, Celtic Oriental Ltd provides premium quality intermediate-to-finished ingredients to several major food processing companies, for service to the supermarkets.

With a wide range of Soya Sauces, Non-Soy Products, Black Beans, Worcester Sauces and Speciality Blended Sauces, we work to FSA stipulations, BRC standards, as well as accommodate all reasonable special requirements from our sauce manufacturing site in the United Kingdom.


Our Vision

We strive to positively impact the supply of premium quality fermented food ingredients in the modern food industry.

We aim to retain our position in the supply chain by both the quality and service we provide.



Delivering Quality, Value

& Sustainability

Quality for us encompasses all aspects of operation, raw materials and finished products’ longevity. Working in a purpose designed facility to a premium standard of high care, we deliver quality standards that address the expectations of the largely blue-chip clients we serve.

We work to FSA stipulations and BRC standards as well as accommodate all reasonable requirements. We may occasionally do things our own way where we are confident that our decisions would safeguard product quality and safety. All the same, we aim to please all our clients.


Our Address

Celtic Oriental Ltd, 2A East Rd, Penallta Industrial Estate, Penallta, Hengoed, South Wales, United Kingdom CF82 7SU

Tel:  +44 (0) 2921880122

Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8.30am - 4.30pm)

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